It Did Me Well

by Embleton

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released March 10, 2015

Kevin Embleton - Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
John Finley - Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, background vocals
Jake Yonkers - Electric guitar, background vocals
Brandon Covey - Bass, Upright Bass
Matt Kurtz – Drums, percussion

Additional Musicians: Joe Kurtz (pedal steel), Anya Rose (vocals), Jocelyn Embleton (saxophone, vocals), Ron Flack (hammond, rhodes), Cody J. Martin (Harmonica), Angus Farquharson (Cornet).

Produced by John Finley and Kevin Embleton
Engineered and Mixed by John Finley at the Alta House
Additional Engineering by Kevin Embleton
Mastered by J.J. Golden at Golden Mastering

Art direction and design - Luke Shuman (
Logo – Mark Davis
Photography - John Finley, Matt Kurtz, John King
Drawing - Alex Embleton

All songs written by Kevin Embleton except Sad Songs And Waltzes by Willie Nelson © 1973 Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Leaving For Good by Kevin Embleton and Josh Graber, Her Name Was Grace by Kevin Embleton and John Finley, Punches by Kevin Embleton and Mike Barrow.

Thanks to:
the musicians + artists who put heart and time into this record, Nate Netti, John King, Nathan Cantleberry, Jason and Suzi Lantz, LW, Ron Flack at RealGrey Records, Mike Barrow, Kyle Byrd, Josh Graber, Stuart Miller, Corey Hunka, Austin Wolfe, Doug Crawford, Josh Compton, Patrick Boyle, Austin Papp, Gregory Elliot, Reed Parker, Tim Smith, and all who encouraged me along the way. Extra thanks to my supportive family, my loving wife, Jocelyn, and my heavenly Father.

[Kevin Embleton]

℗ & © 2015 Kevin Embleton. All Rights Reserved. Manufactured in the USA. Unauthorized duplication or transmission is a violation of applicable laws.



all rights reserved


Embleton San Francisco, California

I'm Kevin Embleton and I make Indie Dream Folk music. I'm giving away a few free tracks from my last record, and you can get them here:

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Track Name: It Did Me Well
Why can't you see
It’s been a long night for me
I’ve got a reason for it all right now
Don't even try to talk me down
They always told me that it all works out
They always tell me but I know
I simply know it isn't so

My earthly dad he passed away
When I was 12
Then cancer came took my health
But I wouldn't let it wear me down
So I did those drugs,
And I gave'em hell
I got the best of them
I learned of God, it did me well
yea it did me well.

Why can't you see
It's been a long time for me
I’ve got a reason for it all right now
Don't even try to talk me out
Of packin' up and getting out of here
Away from everything I’m told
I’ll venture into the unknown

They said there's a place for me here
Should I return
They washed my feet and they shared my tears
But I didn't let'em change my mind
So I hit the road ready to unlearn
The garbage I’d been taught for years
And oh my God
It did me well, yea it did me well

The pain returned to my stomach
like I remembered it
3000 miles away from home
The doctor seemed to change my mind
So I flew straight back to the table
They said that It was just a fright
And Oh my God, you brought me back
I think I'll stay a while
But things can never be the same
Track Name: Not Ready
Talk is cheap, you know you're weak
You move along, you move along.
Though I weep, you can's see
That you're wrong, maybe you're wrong.

You're not ready. You’re not ready
I’ve been driving through the night
To tell you baby
You’re not ready. You’re not ready
And when you think you are
You're most likely not

Oh, remember when I found you all alone
Shivering, begging for someone to hold.
I stood you on your feet
And I became a blanket you could keep
Oh remember when you threw it all away
You told me that you couldn’t stay
After all that we’ve been through
I know that I knew you
Track Name: Leaving For Good
You were like a brother
And at times I called your mom my mother
Life here left you wanting
Had your bags in your doorway

When I heard that you were leavin’ with a one way pass
I tied myself to the railroad track
I’ve done everything I could
‘Cause I heard that you were leaving for good
(When I heard that you were leaving for good)

To my disappointment
They said you hitched a free ride to Portland
There’s no use in crying
As they handed me your note.

It read: I've gone westward. Moved on
My heart to find, you’ll see in time.

Sickness brought you homeward
And my wedding was moving forward
Doctors said you're fine
But you just stayed in bed
and slept
Track Name: Only Begun
Take your time, if you want to
I don’t mind, I don’t mind
Take your time, you were meant to
You’ll be mine, you are mine

Just know that we’ve won
‘Cause we’ve only begun
Just know that we’ve won
And If you ever start to slip
Or the bucket comes up dry

Times are hard, but I’m with you,
Meet my eyes, we’ll be fine.
We could last for a lifetime,
If you’re mine, if you’re mine.

…And the moment that you slip
When you’re tempted not to try
I won’t leave your side

Take our time, we were meant to,
Meet my eyes, we’ll be fine.
Track Name: Her Name Was Grace
Her Name Was Grace
I met her in first grade
I was nervous to approach her but my mother,
Said “Son just say hello, you’ll be okay.”

One day I walked away
She cried as I left her
I tried to act as if I’d never really seen
Her pretty face or tasted her embrace

Her name was grace
She found me in shambles
She washed the blood from off my hands
and wrapped my wounds up
She sang me songs of hope I’ve never known

I will repay you for the years that you have lost
Every dollar, every cent
And when the days aren’t getting easier to bear
I promise I will not forget

I will repay what you have lost
Track Name: Punches
We were as free as we would ever be
Roaming the garden in his company
We were the keepers of our destiny
We watched the story unfold
We ate the fruit of the forbidden tree
I threw you under ‘cause you gave it to me
It’s not the same when you are next to me
Our sons and daughters are cold

I was a lion with a wig for a mane
And it was hardly a cure
You were a fighter throwing punches in vain
Like you had something to prove

There is a garden we can’t see from here
A hope of what is to come
And in the wait we’ll find the courage to
Pick up the pieces or run
And I know that there’s a gardener
He’s waging war against the weeds
They’re set in motion to divide us
Now they’re up above our heads and the trees

Prove, like you had something to prove
Prove, like I had something to prove
Prove, like we had something to prove
Prove, we ain’t got nothing to prove

The sun was setting on our running away
We were facing our fears
I wrestled the gardener til he gave me a name
And you forgave me the years
Track Name: She's Not There
Driving you home for the first time to meet mom and dad
I'm so glad that you came
You ask me how long until we arrive, 10 or 12 minutes
almost in sight

We talked about the weather all the way
And you fumbled with your nails because you're nervous
I'm nervous too, so I turn to look at you
you're not there

She's not there (x2)
She’s not there
She never was
I know in my heart it's the truth
I know in my heart there's no use

Then and there I realized there is a hole in my heart
yet to fill on its own
Dark is that place, filled with echoes it chases again
What it knows I can't have

…Well I'm nervous too, but I won't look at you
you're a thought in my head and we'll leave it unsaid
That you are not coming home with me

I know in my heart it's the truth
I know in my heart there's no use.
Track Name: Mountain Time
Somewhere in Mountain Time I did remember
The promise you said you were keeping
I feel so ashamed of the commotion I made
When I mistook your absence for leaving

Like the wind chimes behind my house making their music
To sing of your love and not falter
But on days like today they’re just begging for notice
Without wind they’ve got nothing to offer

But Sometimes the wind doesn’t blow
And sometimes the sun won’t come out
I know that it’s shining in spite of the clouds
And I long for the strength not to doubt
(Won’t you give me the strength not to doubt)

Take me back quickly for I can’t be trusted
Long in the arms of my memory
Though I’ve heard you whisper it sweetly in my ear
I’m afraid that I still need reminded

You’ve told me that you won’t forget
Like a mother with her child at her breast

But sometimes she will disappoint
And sometimes your voice seems so far
And the words to the love songs you wrote me are fading
How I long to remember them all